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Analog Angels Inside the Digital Devil (for electric cello and electric guitar): advanced






Apollo's Lament (for tenor and guitar)






luminaries at the tonehenge (for percussion and guitar): one movement; intermediate to advanced






Micrologues (for trumpet and electric guitar): in 5 movements; intermediate to advanced


     Prologue; Micrologue 2 ; Micrologue 3 ; Micrologue 4; Epilogue




Six Moments Musicaux (for clarient or viola and guitar): six moments: Invocation - Scherzo - Recitative - Interlude - Intersections - Peroration; intermediate to advanced


     Invocation, Scherzo, Recitative, Interlude, Intersections




"when the surface would suffice": the song in Jasper's music box (an interrupted tango); for violin and guitar






Triptyque for trumpet, marimba, and guitar (in three movements): Tableau 1; Interlude, Tableau 2; advanced; 25 pages

          [This work is also available in an arrangement for flute, marimba, and guitar]


     Tableau 1, Interlude, Tableau 2




Sonantics (for cello and guitar): in three movements; intermediate to advanced; 15 pages


     Convalence1, Convalence 2, Convalence3



Tres Canciones Espanolas (Three Spanish Songs) for high voice and guitar: Balada (Ballad); Cancion Felina (Felina's Song), La Mariposa (The Butterfly): intermediate to advanced; 11 pages


     Balada, Felina, Mariposa




"One Look Too Close" for high voice and guitar (text by Theodore Roethke): Prologue; "The Marrow"; Interlude-"The Shyman"-Interlude; "I wake to sleep"; intermediate; 10 pages


     Prolouge, Marrow, Interlude, Shyman, Wake




Symphonia Concertante (for violin and guitar): in 1 movement; advanced; 18 pages






Four Aspects of Emancipation (for bass and guitar): in 4 movements; advanced; 19 pages


     Aspect(i), Aspect(ii), Aspect(iii), Aspect(iv)




A Repeal of Reticence (for viola [or clarinet] and guitar): in 3 movements; intermediate to advanced; 23 pages


     Repeal(i), Repeal(ii), Repeal(iii)




on the verge of remembrance (for flute and guitar): in 3 movements; intermediate to advanced; 19 pages


     verge1, verge2, verge3




Tethered (for electric guitar, winds, brass, and percussion): in 1 movement; intermediate; 59 pages.






Fantasia for Guitar and Orchestra: in 1 movement; advanced; 27 pages